What VIP escorts like about their clients

There are many common misconceptions about VIP escorts these days. As one of them, when I see us represented in the media (it doesn’t matter if it’s on TV, online or wherever) I get a little sick to my stomach. For these people, us high class escorts are little more than hookers and we deserve to be treated so. This is why, unfortunately, we have to spend a lot of time educating our clients, even before we meet them for the first time. For example, I always ask a new client if it’s his first time booking a VIP escort and, if it is, I spend some time telling him the truth about this line of work. Today, I’d like to try to debunk a few myths by telling you a few of the things that us escorts really like about our clients.

VIP escorts love manners and elegance

If there is a quality in their clients that VIP escorts love above all else, than that is elegance. It starts with the way you dress yourself. If you’re going to see a VIP escort, always be elegant, even if she visits you at home and you don’t get out of the house. She’s going to wear some of her best clothes for you. You don’t have to return the favour, you don’t have to spend time getting into your best suit, but you should look like you’re making an effort. And some of the best escorts are the Mayfair escorts.

However, elegance does not stop at your attire. In fact, it continues with the way you act. Don’t be too loud or too abrasive. When you draw the bottom line, it is YOUR booking, YOU are the most important part of the equation and YOU should have a great time. But this doesn’t mean that YOU should be the only one doing it. If you do want to draw some attention to yourself, there are subtle ways in which you can do it. In fact, ask her to do it for you, it’s going to be the best possible solution.


Respect is at least as important as everything I have mentioned above. Always respect your VIP escorts and their wishes. This doesn’t mean that if you want to put it in her bum and she says “yes”, you shouldn’t do it. On the contrary, you should always be brave enough to ask your escort for exactly what you want. But, if it’s something that she’s not into, don’t try to push too hard. It’s only going to cause problems and it will be very uncomfortable for both you and the escort.

Now, for the other side of respect. Not only should you respect your escort’s wishes, but you should also respect her as a person. She will always treat you with the utmost respect and do her best to fulfil your every wish. Do you really want to demean a person like that? I know you don’t!

These are the most important qualities for VIP escorts. And you’ve heard them from one, so you’d better believe them.

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